WARNING! This book contains cryptic chapter headings based on a theme… and one chopstick. Unravel the theme, translate the headings and win the second chopstick (see Cryptic Challenge section for details). A clue to the theme is contained in Chapter One.

1. Hitting pig with stick
2. Avoiding asps ascend to stars
3. The stake-maker's setback
4. Polish unsightly male
5. Transfer allotment ownership
6. Deliver silent message by hand
7. Demolish hot root plant
8. Complete fool animal's end
9. Ducks nibble Adam's fruit
10. Jump about beer whisky
11. Quest for digital silver
12. Animal skin tracings
13. Revolutionary glass warfare
14. Ham sandwiched
15. Frappez cochon avec bâton
16. Endgame
17. UPDATE 2013 – Singing the pews