Welcome to MoriartiMedia.com, the publishing imprint of author Mark Newham.

Established in 2013, the imprint was created in response to the conventional publishing industry's inability to cater for books with a topical bent.

With publication lead times of months if not years, such books published the conventional way run the risk of not seeing the light of day until all topicality is lost.

MoriartiMedia.com seeks to change all that. By harnessing the combined powers of new printing technologies and the internet, books can now be brought to the marketplace in days, not months.

The imprint has proved it with the publication of three of Newham's own topical works – Limp Pigs, Cometh the Yuan and Plunderland. All three were speedily published in print and ebook formats while their topicality was still hot (see 'The Works' section for details).

Not only that, but the marketing power of the internet has helped Newham's work achieve commercial success. Limp Pigs rose rapidly to feature as the Number One bestseller in Amazon's censorship category for several weeks while Cometh the Yuan attracted complimentary reviews in the national press before the book even appeared – no mean feat for a book published by a newly-formed micro-publishing venture with a suspect name.

It's by no coincidence that the imprint is named after Sherlock Holmes' arch-nemesis Moriarty. High on the MoriartiMedia.com agenda is the publication of works calling accepted wisdoms to account, tweaking the nose of the established order and asking the questions those in authority prefer remain unasked – in short, everything many believe Moriarty was created to do by Holmes' creator Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

So why, you might reasonably ask, isn't the imprint called MoriartyMedia.com? Sadly, that name was already taken. So, unfortunately, was NoShitSherlock.com.

So Moriarti it had to be. Sorry about any confusion but in a way it works.

Moriarti is a site with two i’s.